Monday, May 18, 2015

Force Blooming Peonies

For my sister-in-law's baby shower I knew that I wanted to have fresh flowers on the table and thought the timing would be just about right to use the pink peonies from our yard.  I was wrong. 

In the days leading up to the shower, I was diligently checking the blooms and about 3 days before I knew having my peonies wasn't going to be a reality.  So I started scouring the countryside looking for homes with blooming peonies and without risking being arrested for trespassing or vandalism or both, I knew I had to go another route!

My next thought was to issue a plea via facebook to see if anyone local had peonies that I could cut?  Initially, I was having no luck.  Everyone was in the same boat I was; their plants were loaded with blooms, but none had started to break open!  Then my friend Tracey posted a picture that gave me hope...

Thursday night I stopped at Tracey's and cut bunch of the most far along blooms with hopes of 'force blooming' them in time for the shower on Saturday!  And it totally worked!!

If you need peonies now, like I did, follow these steps to force bloom your flowers:

Cut blooms from your peony bush that have already "broken" or give to pressure when you pinch the bud between your fingers.  Be sure to cut, at a 45 degree angle, stems longer than you think you need!  

Check over all the buds, leaves and stems for critters that you don't want to bring inside your house.  Peonies are notorious for having lots of ants climbing in and around them.

Fill a vase full of very warm water and set aside.  

Run warm water in your sink and once it's pretty full you'll cut the stems, again at a 45 degree angle, under water using a pair of scissors or kitchen shears.

Place each flower in the vase of very warm water and set in a warm place.  The first night I set mine in Matt's bathroom.  Friday morning we were blessed with sun and warm temps so I put the vase outside on our porch.  Friday night they slept on top of the stove.

Change the water two or three times/day, because you want to keep them in warm-ish water, until they bloom!

Saturday morning I had six blooms open and ready to be put in the arrangements for the baby shower.  The exact number I needed for table decorations!  And this morning, they're still looking and smelling fantastic!



Thursday, April 30, 2015

4 Fads I Bought Into and 3 I'm Not Sure I Will

There are just some things you see on the internet or in magazines that you convince yourself that you just can't live without, am I right? 

I'd be willing to bet that we're all guilty of buying something that's the next big 'thing'.  Whether we've seen it on Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter we pull the trigger because we see ourselves wearing or using it regularly.

Four fads that I've wholeheartedly embraced include:

Sperrys.  I have come to adore this brand of shoes!  I got this pair three years ago when I was visiting friends in New Jersey and haven't looked back.  Recently, I purchased a pair via Poshmark and I'm beyond excited to get them because they're sparkly!!  Like my personality.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor.  My amazeballs SIL bought me a Polar as part of my Christmas present this year and when I remember to wear it, it's awesome!  The little guy tracks my calories burned and obnoxiously beeps when my heart rate is too low or too high.  

The Blanket Scarf.  The really questions here is, who hasn't bought a blanket scarf?  It's literally been everywhere for the last year or so.  I got mine while I was in Chicago last year and love it!

Vegetable Spiralizer.  Spiralize all the veggies!  Matt isn't on board with zoodles, but sweet tators are a definite go.  We went with a cheaper, more compact version initially just to see how much we utilize it to start.  So far it's treated us just fine!

This brings me to my list of fads that I'm not sure are my thing.  Or at least not yet they're not...

Hunters.  I just can't bring myself to buy a pair, I honestly don't think I'd wear them.  Now, don't think I won't sign up to win a pair when someones hosting them as part of a giveaway, but they're not something I'd buy for myself.  I wear my Muck boots when it's rainy, cold and/or muddy at the barn and usually choose my Sperry's or a pair of boots on a rainy day.

Subscription Boxes.  Y'all are so cute when you post your StitchFix outfits, Birchbox and Ipsy items!  Really, you are.  It's just not for me... I don't think, anyway!  I have a laundry list of things that I know I want to buy without getting stuff in the mail that I didn't know I needed!!  For now, this one is a no for me.

Kendra Scott Earrings.  Okay, these are only on this list because I can't decide what freakin' color to buy!!  I'd wear the heck of of the turquoise ones, but do I go with gold or silver?  Or what about the pretty purple ones?!  The pretty grey, basic black or iridescent?  The struggle is real.  


So spill. 

What fads have you embraced and which aren't your jam?  Am I really missing out on the three fads that I don't think are for me?  Try and sway me.