Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Faves From My 30 By 30

In lieu of rehashing what I didn't get accomplished in my 30 by 30 quest, because that's sorta depressing and it's Friday so I don't want to be I've selected five of my favorite things that I DID complete! 

In no particular order my five faves are:

Masters Degree
27.  Complete my master's degree!  One of the perks of my current job was having the opportunity to go back to school for FREE and get my MS.  There was a short pause in the process, due to some downsizing, but everything worked out in the end.

Ocho Rios
8.  Go on our honeymoon {finally}.  We had to put it off after the wedding because of the 'short pause' mentioned above.  Thankfully, it also panned out and we had a great time in Ocho Rios.

2013 Christmas Card
1.  Mail Christmas cards.  I officially LOVE selecting the pictures and template for our {now annual} Christmas card.  I'm so glad I put this one on the list because I know I'll enjoy it for years to come!

26.  Learn how to drive a stick shift.  Are you thinking, "Wait?  What?  You grew up on a farm.  How is that possible?"

Well here's the scoop.  Yes, I grew up on a farm.  I can drive a tractor, combine or an automatic grain truck, but I never learned to drive a stick in all my years on the farm.  That's not to say that my dad didn't try to teach me!  There were many times we'd set off down the gravel road for a lesson for it to only end in yelling and tears!  If you want to believe the tears were from my dad, go ahead!  He can take it.

The story of me learning to drive a stick shift goes like this... I bought a manual transmission Jetta without knowing it was a manual!  And I finally learned how to drive a stick.  I firmly believe I was successful in the venture only because my dad nor my husband were the one teaching me!

1st Visit Pin
9.  Go to Disneyland.  It was MAGICAL! 

Lets quickly go back to the stuff that wasn't completed on my list.  Back in January, I summarized five items on my list that I wasn't sure I'd be completing before my birthday.  And wouldn't you know it, I was right.  There are certainly a few others on my list that didn't get completed {I'm looking at you, learn to water ski} but, I'm in the process of completing my 101 in 1001 and some of those items will be carrying over to the next list.

Stay tuned for updates!

Do you have a 30 by 30, 101 in 1001 or some other sort of 'life list' of things you want to complete?  If so, I'd love to hear about some of your goals!  

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Born

Last week I was perusing facebook and happened on an interesting graphic about the characteristics of first, middle, last and only children.  As I was reading though the diagram, comparing myself to the characteristics of first born I couldn't help but say to myself, "Yes. Uh-huh. Oh ya. Yep. You know it. Dear Lord, yes..."

You get the idea.  

Birth Order and Characteristics
If anyone knows the original source, let me know!  I'd love to list it.

Over the weekend, I asked some of my girlfriends to compare themselves to the list and they felt some were true, but others weren't.  A few of them thought their husbands were poster children for certain ones though! 

I also asked my (one and only) little sister what she thought about the characteristics of last born kids and she didn't necessarily think that she fit the description.  She did commented that some (Outgoing, Competitive) were correct, but not all. 

Truth be told, I thought they were pretty spot on...

How do you think this measures up to your birth order and your personality?