Friday, October 24, 2014

One Beauty Product I Couldn't Live Without #blogtober14

So the product that I don't believe I could live without now that I've tried it... DRY SHAMPOO!  Yes, I'm totally guilty of rocking two, three, sometimes four day dirty hair with the help of this ingenious product.

Currently, Suave is my brand of choice.  It works well for my hair and you can't beat the price! 

Most mornings I workout with my hair in glorified 'top knot' and when I'm done (and typically pressed for time) I'll shake out this mess of a mane I have, blast my locks with the blow-dryer and finish it off with a few shots of dry shampoo.

Okay, it's really more like a cloud of dry shampoo!

And now you have to spill!  Are you guilty of heading out of the house masking dirty, greezy hair with dry shampoo?  What is your favorite brand? 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That Peeves Me #blogtober14

Wanna know what grinds my gears? 

-Leaving dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty
-Open cabinet and dresser drawers
-Anything that isn't put back in it's 'place'
-Getting in to drive a vehicle and the gas gauge is on E

-Finger/toe nails that stab me in the foot because someone doesn't take the time to collect them after they've trimmed their nails (cough, cough... Husband!)

And the worst offender?  The One Upper.

There's no doubt in my mind that we've all experienced this lovely person at some point!  While I typically give a slight eye roll as The One Upper starts their story, I generally am a smile and nod'er.  But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall La La La La'ing and a Birthday

Fall Decor Collage
When Lisa announced she and some pals were going to have a Holiday Link-Up, I knew I had to be on board!  I'm a compulsive over-decorator for all holidays, but no more so than Fall and Christmas!  You may have seen the pictures last month that reiterate just how much stuff I have for Halloween and Fall??  And I'll tell you that my Christmas decor has it's own closet...

Today's post is designed to show off our front porch, which has been all spiffed up for Fall, and to show off some of the hand-made 'touches' I've put together! 

Front Door Decor

Fall Decor

Gourds in a Basket

Handmade pumpkins and Autumn sign

Fall Porch Decor

Pumpkin and Gourds in Wheelbarrel

Fall Front Porch Decor

Oh, and is a post complete without a pic of the prettiest Black Labrador on the planet??  You're right.  I don't think it is either!!! 

Whats more... Today is sweet, sweet Bella's BIRTHDAY!!  She is four years young and is still as playful as a pup!  She still tears around the house with her toys in her mouth and her tail tucked.  Gets into things she knows aren't hers.  And fills our home with so many laughs and lots and LOTS of love!

Fall Front Porch Decor
"I'm only laying here to get the biscuit in your other hand..."

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Monday, October 20, 2014

The "D" Word #blogtober14

No, it's not divorce.

My biggest fear is disappointing anyone who is counting on me to do something I promised I would, not being able to follow through with a commitment or failing miserably keeping up my end of the bargain!  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and when I have to let someone down or even worse, disappoint them... I fell like such a crap-tastic person.

The one person who I hate to disappoint more than anyone else in the world is my dad.  Yes, at 30 I'm still a Daddy's Girl!  I can still vividly remember the one incident that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I'd really let him down.

First you need the back-story, without all the details leading up to The Incident it won't really make much sense:  I was a sophomore in college and was boarding my horse at a barn outside of town.  Six was down at school with me because we were going to be competing at a big horse show in Ohio and in order to practice, we couldn't really be 4 hours apart.  As I was driving out to the barn, I rear-ended a minivan at a stop light.  I was fine.  My truck was fine.  The couple in the van was fine.  Their van... not so much.  The police came.  Insurance traded, etc.  Parents were called... "Accidents happen.  It's okay.  Do better next time.  Keep your eyes open."  All was well.  Two weeks later...

I'd been at a horse show with several girls I rode with at the barn all day Saturday.  Everyone had a good day!  Six and I were really clicking, I was really excited about competing in Ohio at the American Quarter Horse Congress.  Still riding the high of a good horse show, we all sat in the office at the barn gabbing with the barn owner, putting off going back to our dorms.  Goodbyes were finally said and everyone headed out.  I jumped in my truck, threw it in R and proceeded to SLAM into the rear quarter panel of the barn manager's truck...  I can still hear the sound of my bumper crashing into hollow metal.  I jumped out and couldn't believe my luck!  Seriously?!?!  Two accidents in two week!  Kill me know.  While the barn owner, who was remarkably calm, called the police... I had to call my parents.  Again.  I dialed the home phone and the instant my dad answered I was a blubbering mess.  "Dad!  I'm sorry, I didn't see it in the dark.  I backed into Dion's truck..."  I was able to get out as much as I could about the accident before the line went silent on his end.  The next thing I knew my mom was on the line asking what had happened.  Without saying anything at all, being passed off to my mom like that I knew without a shadow of a doubt I'd disappointed my dad!

My dad did not talk to me for a solid week after the second car accident and to add insult to injury our insurance company, who I learned carried my family for over 20 years, dropped us like a hot potato!!  I was not only a disappointment to my dad, but too big a liability to insure...

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