Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life Lately

I know I'm not the only one, but holy smokes y'all life is a little crazy right now! 

My last post was all about the excitement leading up to seeing Mr. Garth Brooks in concert (which was AMAZING and will get it's own dedicated post at some point), but while that was happening I was also busy tying up loose ends at work, cleaning out my office and saying good-byes at my old job! 

Yep, I left my job with U of I Extension.  I was sad to leave some of the fantastic people I worked with, but the opportunity for change was so enticing I couldn't resist!  And I'm so stinking excited about it!!

In this new position, I will be going into local schools and sharing information on all sorts of ag-related topics with students and teachers through hands-on activities and curriculum.  I could walk in the store room where the kits are kept and literally teach about more than 50 topics...
Careers in Ag. 
The list goes on and on!

On top of just starting a new job, there was also a big educational event scheduled for this week!  In two days time, we hosted 38 teachers and 912 students at our local community college to teach them about agriculture, conservation and food through demonstrations and learning stations. 

To sum it up, this week has been like trying to drink water from a fire hose... 

Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Favorite Garth Brooks Songs

Remember back when I was going on and on about how I couldn't believe that Garth Brooks was FINALLY going back out on tour after a 17 year hiatus?

The day the tickets went on sale was absolutely crazy!  Not only was I searching for tickets, but so was my friend Kelsey.  She was convinced all she wanted for her birthday this year was tickets to the show and we were hell bent on making it happen!  Originally we only knew of the one show on 9/4, but that morning media outlets in the area were announcing he was going to do a total of four shows in Chicago.

This obviiously increased our chances of seeing Garth, but still didn't guarantee anything!

At 10am on the dot, we started our ticket search.  It was a frenzy!

We weren't having any luck, but the good news was they (Garth. His people. Whoever makes those decisions?) kept announcing more shows!  It even got to where he will be playing a 6pm and a 10:30pm concert!  In-freaking-sane.

By the grace of God, we ended up with our 6 tickets on the floor for tonight's 10:30pm show!!  To add to the awesome-ness, Trisha Yearwood is singing with him!  Um, She's In Love With The Boy... don't get me started!

Can you tell I'm beyond stoked?!?!

And in honor of the epic-ness of tonight's festivities I've compiled five of my favorite songs that are sung by the one and only!

Garth Brooks

The Ropin' The Wind album, and Rodeo specifically, was on repeat at my house for months and as a girl who grew showing horses I obviously LOVED this song!

Friends in Low Places
This song.  It's a Garth classic.  The legendary third verse of this song seals the deal for me!

That Girl is a Cowboy and Fishin' in the Dark
One of my favorite CD's is The Lost Sessions and these two are probably my favorites!  That Girl is a Cowboy registers with how I was raised and act, even now.  If you've never heard Garth's cover of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's Fishin' In the Dark, you need to.  It's worth the listen.  He has changed it enough, but also kept the integrity of the original.

If Tomorrow Never Comes
While I prefer more of Garth's honky tonk, beer drinking stuff to his softer love songs, If Tomorrow Never Comes really pulls at the heart strings.  In the song he's talking about the woman he loves, but you could relate it to just about anyone who means something to you.  Life is short.  Tell them now, just in case!

So spill, did you get tickets for a show near you?  Can you pick just one favorite Garth song?   

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